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Key achievements of ITHouse

  • Establishing e(taxi) service for taxi companies' business process automation.
  • Participation in establishing of MyDropBox as a start-up company. Management of full cycle of on-line education solutions development and deployment - project management, analysis, architecture, design, programming, QA. Providing the solution based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model to customers and customer support service organization. Preparation and implementation of all technical processes related to acquisition of MyDropBox by Blackboard Inc. (NASDAQ:BBBB).
  • Building of technological platform for FreeNet. Design and deployment of telecommunication solutions and billing system.
  • Creation of IT system for superior cervical ganglion neuron activity analysis for electro-physiological experiment automation project of autonomic nervous system department of Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology.
  • Establishing and development of a start-up company 229 Assistant-service. Building of the call-center, implementation of quality assurance procedures and carrying marketing activities. Preparation and implementation of private investment.
  • Examination and optimization of IT and telecommunication systems for companies working in areas of: finance and audit (Logis Expert, YurAudit), transport and logistics (DHL Danzas Air&Ocean, FleetAir), TV and film production (Studio TV+), animation (Sakhaltuev Production), advertisement (GREY Group).